Basketball Wives’ Star Evelyn Lozada’s New T-Shirts On Sale Now!!!

So, it looks like Basketball Wives’ star Evelyn Lozado is taking some of her famous statements from the show and running with it. Yup. Your girl has a new t-shirt line and they are ready to be purchased now.

Here is the link to check them out and to purchase. Thoughts? Will you buy?

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  • http://YourWebsite... kris

    The shirts are just as ugly as her personality..

    • http://YourWebsite... Your Name…

      bitch u must be ugly cuz she shitin on u an yo swag got mo money then you so y u hateing boo boo #inmaevelyn voice

      • Anonymous

        bitch you shut up!!! yes, they might be mean but that shit is swaged out

    • Lisa

      Why do us as women has to be so ugly and disrespectful with one another? Stop the hatign and do your own shit!! If you can do better than do it!!!

    • Donaty*

      Bitch any-fucking-way ur a non mutha fucking factor for sayin that !

  • http://YourWebsite... Kat

    You must be kidding me? I wouldn’t dare buy trash from trash! What you see on TV is the real Evelyn. Yuck! She needs some counseling or church time.

    • http://YourWebsite... nikkie

      yes i say the same lmao

    • http://YourWebsite... Your Name…

      shut up!!! You are a hater!!

    • http://YourWebsite... Brittany

      Lmaoo Thats Cus Yu a Nonnn Fckinn Factor BITCH !

      • http://twitter delicious

        you cant call her a non motherfuckn factor because you are a hater and you need to go to church and get baptized bitttttttttttttttttccccccccccccchhhhhhh

    • http://YourWebsite... Your Name…

      only non fuckin facter bitches hate… we LOVE YOU EVELYN!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Fo sho do u! Evelyn!! I luv the shirts and the sayn!

  • http://YourWebsite... millie

    I love th shirts I def gonna get one

    • http://YourWebsite... Your Name…

      Me too!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE EVELYN!!!

      • Chynna

        I am sooooo getting mine!!!!!!!

  • http://YourWebsite... renee

    These shirts are very ugly, evelyn stick with them flea market shoes dat you are selling in your store. Thank you! Thank you!

    • http://YourWebsite... Honeyy Redd

      I honestlyy believe ur a hater!Ur messy!Smdh

  • http://YourWebsite... misty

    Can you say HATERS!! Im defintly getting one!!

  • http://YourWebsite... Your Name…

    THese shirts are honestly ugly! Not feminine at all..Disappointed

  • http://YourWebsite... BOOSIE BOO


  • http://YourWebsite... sui

    The concept of the shirts is just tacky and so is she! Grow up Evelyn! If you need the money that badly just keep chasing ball players.

    • http://YourWebsite... Your Name…

      Juu a Hater Thooo. Like Did Yuu Have To Comment?. Noo Keep Da Shit To Ya Self

    • Dd Fortune

      The woman can do what ever she likes it is her life, how the hell is her selling her t shirts affecting you. You do not have to buy it if you don’t wanna that’s what so good about choices. Just shut the f’ck up and let the chick do her thing and mind your own damn business and while you at it see if you can coin your own damn phrase to hate on. Dumb bitch!!!

  • http://YourWebsite... Diamond Everett

    I love the shirts n I just ordered 2 sum ppl really r non mother fuck in factors…..

  • http://YourWebsite... King

    Evelyn promotes herself as a legitimate business woman but this t-shirt nonsense is very low brow. This ignorant choice is poor role modeling for her young daughter who hopefully conducts herself with more class than her mother. Why is she so pressed for money anyway? isn’t she Ocho Cinco’s ‘fiancée’? We’ll see.

  • http://YourWebsite... Phresh_Prince5

    Im w/ Misty, im Gettin one too!! I can care less abt Evelyn..But the shirt is a attention grabber to me!!

  • http://YourWebsite... KayLeigh

    I LOVE the shirts and i LOVE EVELYN!
    Im def. going going to get me one!!!

    • http://YourWebsite... Your Name…

      I agree. The shirts are hotttt….I am getting one in both styles. Good job Evelyn

  • Honeyy Redd

    Nd thts why yu hatin ass lames are NON M’F Factors! Ahaa.. I can’t wait ta get mah shirt..! Evelyn aka Bigger Mee do thee damn thang nd keep shittin on dem broadsss!

    • http://YourWebsite... Your Name…

      I agree with you girl….they are NoN M’F factors!!!

  • http://YourWebsite... jay j

    lol i like the shirt BUT i dont like her

    • http://YourWebsite... Mz.Kizzez

      I’m going to buy 5 shirts for every day of the weekm for the all the HATERS who’s on here trying to stunt on
      Evelyn, yall are all NONE M’F FACTORS, so get a life and DISLIKE HER BOO BOO GET LIKE HER BOO BOO!!!!

  • http://YourWebsite... Parker

    Evelyn has every right to market her own words on a t-shirts it’s not that she’s hard up for money its just another money making idea – do it and move on. She doesn’t need to give Tami any money and Tami needs to suck it up and move on because she know she would be printing t-shirts out of her kitchen if she said something that was a total hit and could make her some money.

  • http://YourWebsite... Brittay Bitchh

    All Yall Haters Hatinn Cus Yall Some Nonn Fckinn Factors , BITCH !

    • http://YourWebsite... Your Name…

      Hell yeah they are !

    • http://YourWebsite... jeja

      hatersss i love eves tshirts

  • http://YourWebsite... Bonna

    These shirt are too wavey , im going to buy one its just a shirt its not doing any harm. The other girl talked shxt too about her she just wasn’t smart enough to try and make a profit off of the things she said. oh well she will get over it & this is the best money that i ever spent ! #LoveTheHaters

  • http://YourWebsite... Your Name…

    We all have the right to say what we want to say. No one and I mean not one has the right to point the finger at Evelyn. You know way becasue these are the same “be so want to bee’s” that turn around and do or say the much worse than what Evelyn’s TShirt’s have to say. Now I am going to print me 500 TShirt’s that say BE SO WANT TO BEE’S” AND BEE’S STAND FOR BITCH’S, LOL. How you like that?????

  • http://YourWebsite... b

    You have to be black if you like these shirts because they are as ignorant as she is

    • gg

      you are ignorant just for saying that

  • http://YourWebsite... Live,Love,Laugh

    Im not going to buy the shirt because of the profanity factor but I can’t be mad at Evelyn. Shes capatilizing on a marketing tactic that is going to get her money. There could be worst things on top of the fact the woman Tammy that she called A Non M’F'N Factor still has love for her and is cool with her. She has her own business. Ocho Cinco is her fiancee. She has a gorgeous, smart good girl for a daughter on her way to college. Two of the coolest women on the show Shaunie and Jen is her bestfriends. Come on…she must not be that bad of a person. The show needs drama or you and I wouldn’t watch it. Get your money Evelyn then move on to bigger and better things…continue to grow…that’s the real American Dream…Look at all the people who started off negative and turned it into a positive. I commend Evelyn for putting her business out there like that…obviously shes not perfect but with the track record I mentioned earlier of her fiancee, daughter, friends and business obviously she must be doing something right. Keep striving for excellence.

  • http://YourWebsite... B!TCH !M M3

    i love Evelyn and i cant wait to get me and my mother one of these shirts!

  • http://YourWebsite... adraine


  • http://YourWebsite... mxophers

    Ocho….. give this woman some money! Or give her those babies so she can be set for life with your offspring and your money!

  • Vette


  • http://YourWebsite... wandia

    you should make t-shirt sayin “it is what is” i never i heard someone say that as much as you do

  • http://YourWebsite... Joi

    i’ll take two plz!

  • http://YourWebsite... homegrown

    To everyone stating that people stating their own opinions are haters simply makes you ignorant. You have the inability to digest someone else’s opinion yet you want to state yours. Further more, if we are discussing who the None MF’in Factor is let discuss those of you purchasing the shirts. You are idolizing someone making money off disrespect and ugly. The truth of the matter is that all of you purchasing the shirts are not a factor to Evelyn but rather another dollar in her pocket. Save your money and self respect. She could care less about you and dont really need your chump change.

  • http://YourWebsite... Your Name…

    Too manly…..very few are a tank top style that women generally like best.

  • http://YourWebsite... Your Name…


  • http://YourWebsite... Boo_boo

    Like Evelyn says ” Haters Stay in Your Lane’s Boo-Boo” Deff a dope shirt!! Who gives a fuck what a hatter got to say . Shes making $$ with or with out promoting the shirt !

    • http://YourWebsite... Your Name…

      you misspelled Hater “boo boo”

  • http://YourWebsite... Anonymous

    NOT! Tami has nothing to worry about…..she couldn’t give them away.

  • http://YourWebsite... brie

    first off you irritate……. second you are almost 40 years old with a grown daughter in college running making t-shirts that say ” boo boo” and ” imma get my goons” grow up…… you should of chose TO he has more money!!!!!!

  • http://YourWebsite... Jamie

    how the hell do u buy it?

  • http://Audreylaseca@yahoo.com Audrey

    Evelyn, ur awesome I love watching u.girl keep doing ur t shirts omg I love ur boo boo shirts u keep it real. And everyone else stop hating.

  • http://YourWebsite... AllBahianGirl

    I ain’t knocking Evelyn’s hustle cause the girl getting paid. I would buy the t-shirts if they were a little more chic buy hey I ain’t mad at her!

  • http://YourWebsite... Temprance

    You bitches are some hatters evelyn keep doing your thing i love you because your real and because your not about the bullshit

  • http://YourWebsite... nola

    i see ma girl evelyn got alot of haters

  • http://YourWebsite... teach

    I would rather b seen with copy cat earrings from a wealthy woman than an entire SILVER DRESS as a 39.99 shoe dazzle commercial model…..evelyn do you chasemen for their money cause daddy left you? Or are u just plain dumb as you portray on t.v? Rest your brain…no need spell to respond cuz i am on your page with a friend laughing at these stupid ppl & don’t plan to return to this page…..housewives of la women seem more intelligant than u with jus 2 lines….can u find my mis-spelled words???? Lol lol lol lol

  • http://YourWebsite... Your Name…

    not once has Eveyln gotten on here and said thank you so why fight for someone who doesn’t even know you exsist? smh save the fight for more important issues not t-shits come on now….ps ima get me one for you bitches hahahahahahaha oh pss say what the hell you want about me cuz I doubt if I even visit this site again so chatter on cathy’s

  • Anonymous

    Don’t sweat these broke non factors bitches …..they bums stay on royce ass too

  • Amber Waves

    Whatever. Love the statement, hate it on a cheap ass looking t-shirt.

  • Anonymous

    i love evelyn nd idc who doesnt lykee hur she is who she is nd tht’s y i lykee hur

  • Whatthe…

    Most of you people on here cannot spell… Lykee, and cus are not words.

  • Lisa

    I want the shirt. Why? It express how I might feel one day. So I want to be able to pull it out of my tee shirt drawer.

  • Realwomanrepresentingmymanwithclass

    To the racist person commenting about blacks being ignorant is jus jealous because you want to have a piece. That fact of the matter is black women is so beautifully made we make even Evelyn’s cheesy T-Shirts look good. I don’t support her because I don’t respect that she talked so bad to Jennifer about her HUSBAND which shows the lack of marriage values and respect she has(do you hear that Chad and his mom). I think Chad is a great father and comes from a wonderful family and with Evelyn’s ghetto attitude and trashy appearance, I don’t think she needs to be the wife of any respectable celebrity or otherwise nor does she need to be a mother figure to Chad’s children. His children as well as her daughter should feel ashamed of her ignorant vocabulary. Because of her choice of words, she can be a smart business woman at all. Chad, I have a great eye for the true and I promise you ,”Evelyn is not the one!”. Remember she told Jennifer that she would never be with another ball player and was trying to break up other homes cause Antonie was smart and didn’t wife her.(She is a bonafide gold digger) What on God who is the best knower and he won’t fail you. You need a woman to bring more than just a laundry list of ball players she has screwed,great blow jobs and curses worst than a darn sailor(so not lady like). Evelyn Boo Boo get a clue. Grow up!!

  • Realwomanrepresentingmymanwithclass

    Please excuse me for my typos on my previous comments.

  • pepsi

    yall haters need too stfu because thats a good shirt on see yall out doing shxt until you do then you have some too say but until then stfu dumb ass bitches , yall try too come up with something betta

  • Anonymous

    she needs her ass beat real good one time

  • Barrbiieswaqqer

    The shirt comes from a negative factor that happen bhudd the shirt is swaqqed our however,i will not be buying one i do think tami was right when she said if you over some then u want be making shirts out of some bhudd thats evelyn…andd how she isx.

  • keepitrealhoney

    evelyn is just a groupie hoe that sucked the right dick(s) to get where she’s at..i ain’t mad at her- we all gotta make that paper!! and obviously she’s doing something right cause i just bought TWO shirts..the bitch is raunchy and ghetto as hell, but she does say some funny shit that just seems to stick..keep doin’ yo thaang girl!

  • Kristen

    everyone takes this so seriously hahaha Evelyn is just a funny person! She’s a smart business woman. The bottom line is that she used that exact same phrase in several different ways!! It may have started on the SHOW during that situation, but it was brought up at the reunion as something funny. Not to mention that the only reason she SAID it was to let her know “i slept with him before u were ever in the picture so u weren’t a factor” haha It’s not a big deal. Buy the shirt if you like it. haha

  • Larry Albert Morris

    i would love to meet her 1day and take some pics.. bc she is really KEWL so don’t be haten bc you can look like her of even get a man like she does… and no she went for something and DID it.. so dont talking shit about her (Your A Non Fuckin Factor B!tch)

  • Stupidityiseverywhere

    God almost every one on here just makes stereo typing more true, I cant even understand most of what’s being said. Please speak in English so maybe when your trying to speak your opinion others won’t feel the need to correct you.

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