Update: Khloe Kardashian’s Alleged Father [Photo]

I hate to run this in the hole, but after checking out the photo down below, this Khloe Kardashian paternity scandal has caught my attention again. According to Radaronline, the mystery man that Kris Jenner had a year and a half affair with is Todd Waterman and here is his photo.

What do you think? Khloe’s dad? Also, should she take a paternity test?

Spoiler Alert**** This may be a question for many, but is probably unlikely since Khloe was reportedly five at the time of the affair.

Source: Radaronline

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  • Frenchie

    The article itself claims that it is “impossible” that he is Khloe’s father. Talk about misleading headlines! Radaronline needs to do better.

    • Fee

      Hi Frenchie. Yes, the title was misleading and I updated my post. Thanks again!!!

  • ac

    Obviously this has also caught my attention..but it only makes me feel really bad for khloe…cuz this doesnt make any sense at all-yeah she looks different, but the numbers dont add up! Todd Waterman came out and said he had a 1.5 year affair with Kris that started in 1989 when he was playing soccer….uhh…Khloe was born in 1984!

    People….its called genetic variation. Think about it Kris and Robert have four kids…say they both carry a recessive gene for blonde hair (dark hair is a dominant trait) so the chance of them having a kid with lighter hair 25%…oh wait..thats one out of four….hmmm…these seem to be the only numbers that add up.

    I think Khloe is Robert’s daughter…Robert Kardashian and Jan Ashley divorced after 5 months citing fraud… they split because she wanted kids and he is quoted on these documents saying….he has four biological children and doesnt want anymore. I think these woman are trying to find a way to get a nice fat paycheck…after all isnt one of them close to filing for bankruptcy?

  • Nancy

    Khloe looks exactly like Todd Waterman and absolutely nothing like Robert Kardashian. She has his coloring, face shape, forehead, nose, chin and height!! Just look at how tall she is – she towers over her entire family! Tall like her real father. Sorry, Khloe… :(

  • Nancy

    Come on, Todd…time for a DNA test and lets put all this to rest for Khloe’s sake.

  • bob

    You people are idiots. That’s not Todd

  • Maury Vision

    Khloe’s bio dad is Alex Roldan, her mom’s hairdresser.

    Check out this side by side photo, the resemblance is STUNNING!


    Alex Roldan has been Kris’ hairdresser for 30 years, this photo of him is from 3:17 of her “I love my friends” video from the 80′s on youtube.

  • TamraSux

    They have the same nose. Kris was saying during an interview how Khloe was blond and different from the others. What a liar and actress that one is. She knew all along that Khloe wasn’t Roberts. What a phoney woman she is.

  • lcfinite12

    I love the Kardashians so much Ihate to know about this scandl it hurts when one of your fanily members got involved in this kind if situation, but I too got a little skeptic about this, Kris is just protecting her family,

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